Long Since Forgotten - Marysville, CA


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Sep 26, 2004
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Beale AFB, CA, and Salem, Oregon
Have you ever noticed the hidden character of what makes an old city tick? Something fascinates me about business signs that have been long since forgotten in their old towns, and Marysville California is one of those towns. From the old streets of this gold-rush era town are striking hints of what was in an old downtown Marysville at some point in the past. These hints include tiled walkways of a business name or more often business sign paintings on the backs and sides of the walls.

Please take time to enjoy and critique my first photography series. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed the research and time it took to create them using a Nikon D70s, Photoshop 6, and Photoshop Elements 4.

Thanks to the inspiration of this series with his Salem Oregon local architecture gallery at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem Oregon: Kelly James, photographer.

Nice series. Not often I click through a link to view photos, but when I lived with my grandparents in the mid '90s, I'd often go with my grandmother into Marysville to go grocery shopping or run other errands. I think I remember a few of these places, although it was a long time ago.
Amazing what malls and walmart's have done to town's. People want everything now. Don't want to go to different stores anymore. Sad to see downtowns go.
Great series. I often take similar pictures when I get the chance. A lot of history can be learned from the alleys of towns.
I've never really thought about taking pictures of stuff like that, but this has really inspired me to head down to the historic district of town locally here and snap some shots.

I recently discovered some old barns on an old country road in my town that have biblical scenes, jesus and angels painted on them and took some pictures - looks like the paintings have been there forever and they aren't on the same property with each other. This kind of made me think of those pictures - I think I'll have to post them on here when I am on the computer I keep my pictures on.

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