Look In My Window..What Do You See?


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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas
Was not sure how Darksidish this was, but then after doing some dodging, mainly around the window I saw something in there. Not sure what it is, but it looks freaky! LOL
Kind of looks like a doll, but still..and why a doll?? LOL

haha, just thought to do this. I pulled it from the full sized .tiff photo..wtf is that? LMAO! Some kind of witchy lookin old man with a huge nose..I got a good laugh out of this one. He definately fits in here..and look, he is even nekkid!

urgh...... what is that?!...... looks like an old troll or something!..... the image is very nice tho mommy..... i like the composition of the curved wall :thumbup:
I like it! I have to thank you genuinely for the warning about the figure in the window, because it really would have freaked me out otherwise. I get startled very easily by photos where you don't see the scary thing at first, and then it just pops out at you. (Though I must admit, I've tried making some of my photos do the same thing on purpose, just to make them scarier.)

I love the yellow of the sky, because the photo would make a good b&w, but the color seems to make it creepier.

:) :thumbup:
That ssooo cool Mommy. Nicely done.
It looks just like the Norwegian trolls they were selling all the tourists when I was there!
EEK! Nice shot though lol.
WTF is that!? Lmao!
My great-aunt has a houseful, literally, of those ugly little troll dudes.

They are supposed to be good luck. At least they keep the rats away, I suppose.

Great shot.

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