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Mar 9, 2012
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I shoot primarily nature and sports in Tucson for the Metropolitan Visitors Bureau. I've had the D300 from day 1 along with 3 prime lenses. I am now looking for a 2nd body. I do not work on short deadlines, video is not necessary(although I realize that most dslr's come with that capability), and image quality is my #1 priority. I do post processing myself with Elements.

I want to keep the cost below $1000. I want to stay with Nikon. Since I purchased the D300, a bunch of prosumer models have come out, and from what I've read there is at least another model that will be launched before the end of this year.

I would appreciate feedback/recommendations

Thanks in advance,

I'd probably go with the d7000 if you must go with a lower end model. It's a pretty impressive camera! Capable of sports as well as landscape and just about anything in between.
Other option would probably be the D90-IMO. However the Nikon guys might have better recommendations for you!
Yes, if the D7000 will fit your budget, it's a pretty impressive camera.
If you could alter your budget some you will find used D700's going for around $1500 once the new pricing is in effect. The D700 is the PERFECT companion to the D300 ;)
what makes the d7000 a good companion to the d300. And when do u think new pricing will happen
I have the d200 and d80, I agree about the D7000 perfect 2 nd camera and price is right. Good luck to you

Do you want to go full frame?
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For around $1000 you could get a used D300(s) and have 2 of the exact same body, since you're already familiar with it and all... not to mention it's amazing for sports.
Any recommendation where i can pick up a used d300s for around $1000. I have the Nikon 17-55 2.8. Fantastic lense.
If your question was directed at my post, I said D700, not D7000. The D700 is an FX body, you stated all your glass is FX. You have a decent DX body already. The D700 is fabulous and it's new price is like $500 less than before.... Best of both worlds.

edit: I miss-read, aplogies. When you said prime I assumed FX, mybad :)
what makes the d7000 a good companion to the d300. And when do u think new pricing will happen
The suggestion was for a D700, not a D7000.

The D700 and the D300 are essentially the same camera, just one with a full frame image sensro and one with an APS-C image sensor. Same controls, same AF module, same type of memory card (CF), same EN-EL3e battery, both use the same MB-D10 vertical grip, etc.

The D7000 uses SD cards, a different battery, and a different vertical grip.
Craigslist for local sales. There are a couple reputable online sellers of used gear but the best deal is local and check it out yourself before purchasing.
so what is being said that he does want to go to fullframe? Is thjat right? I am so confused now . lol

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