looking for a good color lab


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Mar 27, 2006
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Well i have put together everything but two items now to open my studio and would love advice on both of wich.

1) i need a good color lab local stuff is expencive and cant really make any money off of it would love a good advice for chosing a good lab and even a sugjestion as to what one is.

2) next the price scale used, now i realize this is a hard question but i notice the adds from walmart to local mobile photographer and really i know that walmart is not what it apears and really crappy shots so the price from there is well crap but looks good and on the other hand the prices of 200 for a package and a shoot with a local photographer seems steep so theis is where i am not even sure where to begin in setting up the studio prices. I realize i need to make enough to keep my doors open so not sure how to acoplish good priceing to make myself competitive and reasonable any advice on this would be very nice .

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