Looking for a new 35mm SLR


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Jan 28, 2006
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I need some advice on choosing a 35mm SLR for college in September, the Praktica is showing it's age.;)
I want to be able to use my current Canon and Tamron lenses if possible (see sig.) and want automatic and full manual controls. It's got to be on a budget and a used one is fine, i'll probably look on ebay first anway.
Any ideas?

eos 100 is not a bad camera, and is fairly cheap on ebay, has a full set of controls and full manual as well.

Oh, forgot to mention, it won't use the EF-S lens - thats just for 300D, 350D, 20D, 30D digital SLR's
Thanks Tempra, if i buy an EOS 35mm camera, when I'm looking for new lenses which ones can and can't I use on both?

I like the look of the EOS 300.
On an EOS 35mm camera, you can use any EF lens in the range, as I said earlier, the EF-S will not work on it (you might damage the shutter) and I just noticed, the Tamron is Di so although you can use it on a 35mm EOS, it is made for digital and small sensors, and doesn;t cover the whole of a 35mm frame size, so you will probably get heavy vignetting on full frame or 35mm
i think the Di series from tamron are actually compatible with full frame...like i know the 17-35mm Di is, as I've used it before with great results. anyway.

guiness, what exactly is your budget? that can really help narrow down what you are looking for.
:) I got the Canon EOS-300 in the end, it comes with an EF 28-90 f/4 - 5.6 II Platinum lens.

I've read up on the Tamron and apparently it should work on both camera's, also i've tried the above 28-90 on the 350D and the screen shows me everything I could see in the viewfinder.:thumbup:

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