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Looking for copy stand


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Sep 5, 2015
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I just picked up a Nikon micro AF 60mm 2.8 to be used for copy work, capturing failing electronic circuit boards, cataloging a butterfly collection, and stamp collection cataloging. It should have light (s) or suggestions. I don't know which one, too many choices so hopefully someone on here has an idea that is familiar with that type of photography. Don't want to spend huge money but don't want cheap crap either. Both cataloging jobs will cover the cost of it in certain. I may get multiple jobs from stamp one if done in a timely manner with quality exposures. Both know I am not a professional but are unhappy with their own attempts and stamp guy had a bad experience with a professional. Circuit boards and other copy stuff is for my use. Thank you for reading.

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I made my own copy stand once upon a time... used the frame and crank mechanism from an old Durst enlarger, and added a 1/4NC screw mount for the camera body in place of the enlarger head. As far as lights go, a couple of 5000K incandescent bulbs on each side, wired to a dimmer and shining through white, rip-stop nylon to act as a diffuser. Since you can get enlargers for peanuts now, the whole thing should cost less than $75.
I agree that either a used copy stand or converted enlarger is the cheapest way to get something pretty decent. For the few things I do with that same lens I just use the tripod with the extension either inverted or out to the side. For what you plan to do then the copy stand with lights on each side is the way to go, it will save a lot of headache to have a decent crank to raise and lower the camera.
I don't know if anyone has tried it but it seems a right angle finder would be nice to have.
You mean a regular old fashioned copy stand? For that you could try Midwest Photo Exchange, Pittsburgh Camera Exchange, Columbus Camera Group, or maybe Freestyle Photo or Samy's Camera, or Adorama and B&H. Or go to a camera swap (if there's one in your area).
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Manfrotto made a full range of these that's now discontinued. Solid, affordable, and well-made like their tripods and heads. Try eBay or the knock-offs that are still available online.
Thanks all. I will continue to look. Projects don't start for a few weeks.

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