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    I have gotten into photography in the last few years , and had been
    using a non-professional camera (my mom's) that nevertheless had a nice
    super-macro mode. I am interested in macro/micro photography and am looking into a camera that supports interchangeable lenses
    and also a lens that gets very close - I noticed Canon has a 1-5X close-up lens which is the type of lens I would be interested in. I would
    like some advice on which camera to get that would be adaptable with
    a very nice close up lens - I am interested in closer than 1:1 -
    probably not able to go over $700 for the camera, ($800-$950 maybe but that would be pushing it) looking for a low
    end price SLR camera with the minimum that I need for my interests,
    and willing to go up to about $900 for the lens. Could someone point me
    to a camera (or cameras) that supports very close close-up lenses, and also a lens? Image stabilization would be quite important for very close-up
    photography, wouldn't it?
    Thank you.

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    There are soo many answers to this question. Here are some of the additional info that if you can answer, will help you make the decision

    1) Digital or Film?
    2) Do you want multi-use out of the lens, or strictly macro?

    I lean toward Canon products only because I have been shooting Canon for years. There are many quality products out there that will suit your needs.

    I have a Sigma 105mm F/2.8 macro lens. I use it along with some extension tubes to get super close to the subject. This lens is available in a variety of mounts.

    I also have been successful using my Sigma 28-70 F/2.8 lens with extension tubes for doing some closeup and semi-macro work. It gives me the ability to zoom if needed. I only use this when I have forgotten my 105 macro at home..

    Both of these lenses are in the 400-700 range and work great. The 105 is strictly macro though... The other is general purpose.

    You can find film bodies in many brands both new and used at your local camera shop. Stop in and talk with them, they will generally let you play with them in the store to help you make your decision.

    Good luck and enjoy looking at the World in a whole different way with macro!!!

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