Looking for photographer in RI/MA area for portrait work


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Mar 12, 2006
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Hi, I happen to come across this website while searching for amateur photographers in the Massachussetts/Rhode Island area.

I am looking for someone to do some portrait work, as well as some artistic nudes. I am planning to give them as a gift to my wife as she has asked about me doing this a few times.

If anyone is from the Rhode Island area and interested, please let me know. I will be willing to negotiate payment which will depend on what some of your work looks like.

I jut thought I could get a deal and someone out there could get some good experience and add to their portfolio.

Just so you know your subject...male, 38, athletic build.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...it was where I thought it fit. Please let me know if it belongs in another forum.

We have some photographers in that area on the forum, just give it a little time and they'll see this post.

I moved it to the classifieds for you, also. :D
I am in southern maine, but might be able to do that. Feel free to browse some of the stuff I have posted here.

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