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Looking for Wedding Photog In San Diego Area


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Dec 1, 2004
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A friend of mine is getting married in June and is looking for a photographer. I haven't shot weddings in years and do not feel qualified to do the job. She has a budget of $2-$3000.

In her ideal world, the photographer would spend 8-9 hours involved in shooting the wedding and the associated gaiety, do the necessary Photoshop work, then provide her with a CD, from which she could make her own prints.

Are her expectations reasonable and do you good people know anyone who is qualified and would be interested in talking to her? I will give her the link to this thread so please feel free to respond right here or by PM, whichever is most appropriate and comfortable for you.
for that price, not many photographers will just hand her over a CD...But she may get lucky. Just realize that pros usually don't just hand over their work because they know how much its worth.
photogoddess- My friend says thanks for the info and she was very
impressed to see your work with NILMDTS and child photographers charity
guild. Thanks for posting.

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