Looking into the Sunset

Was this supposed to be a sunset photo? I see a nice snapshot of a horse standing next to a fence.

You were using a disposable camera?? OMG! You're a gawd! lol That's so cool. That's got to be the first good disposable camera image I have EVER seen :) Wow man. I love this shot! :)
thats a cool photo ... had me fooled :lol: ... goes to show u the camera doesnt make the photographer :D
Thank you guys very much for your comments.

It was this picture that clinched it for me into buying some equipment. Purchased a Sigma SA7 and two autofocus zoom lenses on special. I'm sure there's far better stuff out there, but I just spent $909 on a Saddle for Dot and I really can't afford better.

I plan on trying my hand at "sports" photography involving horses, jumpers and some of the western Reiners and Barrel Racers out this way...

If I get anything halfway worth seeing, I'll be sure and post it...
hey KBOC, nice horsey picture. good shot.
I have a picture of 2horses and a donkey. But they're camera shy so they showed their a$$e$ instead.

Of course, your horse has a better picture. :D
Those, my friend, are either Clydesdales or some other big Draft horse.

I can tell even from this angle that they'd be fabulous subjects if you can get them to move! Take carrots next time. :D

But I love the three ass shot :D

By the way, most of the pictures I took on those roles WERE snapshots.

I did, however, use one to make a sort of "photoessay" of Dottie getting a new saddle...

You sound like you know horses. I took only a few pictures of them, the sun being not in the right position from where the horses were standing. I did manage to get this one photo anyways.

<----stablemaster at Hagemann Farm :D

My friends over at http://www.equestrianconnection.com would love those photographs... but if you decide to post them there, be patient because they have a problem with their registry code... (it needs to be fixed and it delays registration)

That's a magazine photo, BTW. It's money in your pocket, I think. Most of the consumers in the horse business are female, and they love crisp clear pictures of pretty horsies.

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