Looks like my money wasted on printer program


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May 4, 2006
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Last fall I bought Colorvisions' Spyder pro 2 and Print Fix for monitor and printer calibration. Well I have been using the Spyder since then and it has been so so. Well the last 2 days I finally started messing with the printer profiliing. Come to find out Print Fix will not work with my new printer. Bought an Epson 2400 just before x-mas. So I emailed Colorvision as they said they add printers. Well just got their reply they will not be adding it to Print Fix.

I then did some more checking and of course they have a new program that will work with most printers. But it is priced at 2x (just printer software) what I paid for the entire monitor and printer software. Not very happy with Colorvision now.

I saw somewhere that they were offering a discount to trade up but I think it was only good for a couple months. And it was still over $270. Again more than I paid earlier. I didn't buy the cheapest version due to the fact I wanted something that would be supported better. Apparently you have to buy top end for that, medium products I guess don't warrant that.

Anyone else with a 2400? Do you use a printer color management software? Other than the stock Epson settings?

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