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Jun 24, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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I had so much fun with this little dude. He was smiling, laughing and rolling around the whole time. I wish every session were so fun! I used mostly natural light from a big window in my living room. It was kinda gloomy so I used flash threw an umbrella about half the session though.
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He did not dig the hat at first ;)


You did a wonderful job. He looks very happy and comfortable. Focus is sharp and wonderful colors. I always enjoy your photos!
The last two are my favorite - very nice job, again!
Haha! I love the "did not dig the hat photo." That is hysterical! Now that is a face!
These are all great.
I like the white background for him much better though, as his hair tends to bleed into the black background.
Wonderful set of shots ! You can't help but smile yourself to see that grin. I'm sure the parents are tickled pink with these.
beautiful...love the toque shots... agree with cindy that they look better on white only becuase we lose his head/hair into the dark...why not try dodge lightly on a layer to just bring out his hair against the background....otherwise, these are fantastic shots!
Wow, amazing! Can I ask which lens you used for these??
...agree with cindy that they look better on white only becuase we lose his head/hair into the dark

Well, I'm thinking the same, but not ONLY because of the separation problem. That could be addressed with a hair-light/skim light or background light. Black, of course, is such a "heavy" color. I think it requires different handling (posing, composition) when placing an infant into a very low key setting. Like in the 4th view... I think you handled it well.

Not that it's never a good idea.... just not so much for the typical baby session.

Nice range of expressions!

I think you did a wonderful job! I especially love the 4th photo.

I'm sure the parents are thrilled.
I don't like how the baby is positioned in the third one..but over all I love the colors..actually, I just love them. :)
I love your pictures. The lil one is so adorable. Smiles all around!

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