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Love Lies Bleeding


Mental case
Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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great :) muchz better than my last blood post :)

bit morbid, but that is what I like :)
I like it alot.
The only thing that could have improved it would be if the blood didn't make a perfectly circular puddle...but oh well.

Great idea.
Thanks so much everyone. Appreciate your comments.
Sideburns.. To create the shot...I just filled the rose up with blood, and lay it down, and let the blood pour out. Im not fond of the colour of floor tile I had in my crawlspace. I wish it was white, instead of the ivory.

Thanks again.
Nicely done! I like how the rose is reflected in the blood, and the 'side lighting' on the rose that makes the petal edges stand out so much.
its a great shot, but id expect the blood to be darker.
Chiller, all your dark sided pics are so great that I want to propose another nickname for you:

The Prints of Darkness


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