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Dec 14, 2003
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This is a really unique gravestone I found. The funny thing, is they are not dead yet. The stone is there, and there are names of 6 people on the stone, none of which are dead yet.
Nothing wrong with planning ahead!

I might be a little concerened if they were dated ahead of time.
Wow. That is a very unique find! It makes you wonder... it must mean a lot to the people for them to go through the preparation ahead of time, especially with it being such an unusual memorial.
I think I'd be a little creeped out though if it were dated ahead of time, too :)...
Yeah I agree, I think maybe they are just making sure that the surviving relatives don't trade the stone in for a plaque. Cool shot Chiller! :)
Thanks everyone. I might be back there tomorrow . Im gonna check the dates on the people and see how old they are.
Can ya imagine if you knew when you were gonna pass on. YIKES...
How strange....not in a bad way though. 6 people's names already....?

This is a beautiful sculpture, too! Hope you post more if you go back there. :)
great find chiller........ that is odd...... havent come across a 'ready made' one before......... cool sculpture tho, well caught :thumbup:

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