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May 25, 2003
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or not

i just wanted to say lets all point and stare at the newbie, but then I realised it was me.

i'm a total novice as far as actual photography goes but ive been taking photographs since i was about 10 years old.
i dont understand a lot of the lingo, i wouldnt know what makes a good photo, other than what i personally think looks swishy.

im doing a dorky beginners' course at the moment to get me sorted on the beginnings of using an SLR, so i might be back to bug you all with questions.

this forum seems a lot more friendly and helpful than others Ive visited, so i hope u dont mind me stickin my nose in!

You can stick your nose in anytime. I haven't been here very long myself, but enjoy photography and related forums, and have had experience in wedding photography. I have a granddaughter named Amanda. Is yours the same?
Everyone here's willing to help out the best they can. If you have questions I don't think anyone will hesitate to try and answer them.
As far as good pictures go just shoot what you want to shoot.
thanks for being so friendly guys :D

yes my name is Amanda, dlc. Your grand daughter is fabulously named :wink:
hey amanda! welcome to the boards! believe or not, im relativeky new to this stuff as well. all i know is when i see do i know its really there unless i immortalize it? that sounded like the matrix, kind of. damn im a dork.

Welcome Amanda!

I'm right there with you on your opinion of other forums. I haven't had any bad experiences, but this place is very friendly. Plus it's a good forum being PHPBB.
Hi Manda, my awesome sis-in-law is an Amanda too :)

I'm another Aussie here and probably at about the same stage as you - half way through a beginners course, just getting comfortable with the lingo, but not quite ready to hear any critiques on my work just yet! LOL.

I have to agree with you, and I mentioned this in my intro here too - the people here are HEAPS friendlier and no where near as stuck-up and arrogant as in some of the other photography forums, which is really nice!!!

Anyway, great to meet you, hope you have lots of fun with your photography and get heaps out this forum too!

What do all of you amateurs think you are doing on this site?!

You are NOBODY and you have no business being here unless you know EVERYTHING there is to know about photography! Why don't you get out of here and go start your own board or something!

Ok, now that I am done trying to make you feel at home (since it sounds like so many other boards are like this), I'm happy to hear your thoughts and I hope the members here continue to be as nice and open as they are now!

Thanks to everyone, I think we have a great group of people!

Chase (your friendly neighborhood admin)
Oh man, now I am going to have to boot you from the forum. 8)

Actually though, I have the option of doing some automatic censorship of certain words, but I haven't implemented it yet. I'm open to thoughts on this. I can't see any abuse of this happening with any of our current members, but would anyone be happier if I went ahead and created some rules?

Personally, I think I would rather leave it alone and let people censor themselves, but your thoughts are appreciated.

im sorry :(
im be a good girl from now on :lol:

i think people here know the difference between good taste and being a jerk, yes? and if not, i can rough em up for ya
Yes, I think jerks taste good. Especially with some barbecue sauce!

That was the question, wasn't it? :wink:


from now on...take the blue pill. want me to hold em down while you do your thing?


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