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    ...or why I can't post much of my LF landscape work on the web. :(

    Here's a scan of the entire 4' x 5" neg.
    camera: Super Graphic w/ Schneider 150mm f/5.6
    film: Arista Pro 400


    I think that all the small details (most of my 4x5 landscape work is full of it) sort of turn to mush when trying to view it this small.

    Here's a scan from a 35mm frame sized section in the center of the 4x5 neg


    On a 16" x20" or bigger print the detail isn't lost. A 32" x 40" print from 4x5 is the same enlargement quality as an 8" x12" print from 35mm.

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    Are you resizing the scanned images?
    What size are your scans (pixels)?
    Looks like a possible sharpening issue. Big files when downsized for internet use likely to lose some quality (depends how you do it). However if you've got sharp film in the first instance and your scans are good quality you can still get sharp image for internet. As I say, depends how you are doing it. Post back here with more technical details I will try to assist. Please bear in mind time lag - I am in UK - this is last post today.


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