Lower Falls-Yellowstone NP


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May 14, 2003
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Indianapolis IN
I thought that this one wasn't bad for a point and shoot camera.
I forgot to pack my good camera gear on a trip to the Black Hills, and it was too late to turn back. All we had was my wife's Pentax IQ zoom 928. It took me three days to get over it. Not a happy camper!!

its still a gorgeous photo!
ive taken some of my favourite photos with my canon automatic

its all about the photographer, and subject, baby!
Great shot. I like how you framed the waterfall.

I forgot my camera on our honeymoon. We bought one of those cheapies... all the prints came back with a black line on the top.
How'd you manage to forget your camera?
It's not as though you had anything else on your mind!
The waterfall shot is great however.
Haha yeah, I'm surprised we didn't forget more :D

of course we have plenty of stories from the trip... from the hurricane to almost missing our plane back. good times... good times...

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