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Jul 18, 2007
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I moved a few groups of photos via Windows folders. When in Lightroom I see the message 'The file named "blah blah blah.NEF" is offline or missing'.

Which pulldown menu or shortcut to reconnect? The images are there, but LR doesn't recognize them.

Ok.. here is what you need to do, go to library, click import, click add, go to the folder where you just moved those photos. Add those photos again. Then delete all the ones with missing links.

Next time move it with LR3. Dont move it with explorer.
BTW.. LR3 you can only move 1 folder at a time. But you can move several pictures all at once.
The images are there, but LR doesn't recognize them.

Sorry, but no. Lightroom never actually contains image files. Lightroom only keeps a record of the path to the image files.
If you move them, the path Lightroom had is no longer valid, and you get the error message.

Pay close attention grasshopper:

Peachpit: Photoshop Lightroom Reference Guide > Reconnecting Missing Files in Lightroom or

Scroll down to "Fixing the missing file problem"

Hope that helps! :thumbup: Good book about Digital Asset Management: The DAM Book by Peter Krogh.
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