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Jun 4, 2010
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***Edit*** I figured it out. Had to go under the camera calibration panel and change the process back to 2012. Didn't realize it was going to make that change for me. Still lost a bunch of adjustment settings, though, during the catalog import...***

I just upgraded to LR5 from LR3, and completed an upgrade to my LR3 catalog, which seems to have gone off without a hitch. However, now when I'm editing photos in the develop module, the "Basics" panel (controlling the exposure, contrast, clarity, ect) has reverted back to the LR3 configuration.

Has anyone else run into this issue? It's strange, too, because when I select a new photo, the LR5 "Basics" panel appears for a moment, then converts back to the LR3 configuration. :grumpy: I know there is something weird going on, because I already had a few imports in LR5 before I upgraded my LR3 catalog, bringing it into LR5, and those imports, that have only ever known LR5, are now doing the same bizarre switcheroo with the "Basics" panel converting back to the LR3 configuration...

I also lost a number of adjustments on those photos that have only ever known LR5. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Here's a quick screenshot of what I'm talking about. It's clearly LR5, but that basics panel is clearly the LR3 configuration, and the photo displayed has only ever been opened in LR5.

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