lucky i'm still alive


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Jul 28, 2004
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here are a few reposts from way back that i figured would fit well in here :)

Joseph's out to get me it seems :er:
here in the first he was attempting to snuff me out, but the creak in the floorboards gave him away :lol:


this is last thing i saw after i felt a sharp blow to my head :mrgreen:


i sleep with one eye open now :cyclops:
man, between calliope with a knife and your son trying to snuff you out..

no wonder our creepy bed and breakfast looks good to you...!!

i love his face in the first one...and the whole shadow thing makes it great in the second....

sorry jm... thinking your not long on this playing field...but just think, you'll be on our turf soon...!!! ( welcome to the real dark side, jm......did i tell you, me and calliope are actually sisters..? she learned it all from me...)
hahha... love the first one with the pillow :lol: ...... but he does look quite menacing!, nicely done with these :thumbup:
:lmao: OMG, JM, that first pic is to die for! His expression, the light, the pillow clutched in his hands.... great post and a great title for it.
Awww... my little angel! :badangel: Mommy has taught him well! :mrgreen:
I just love that little boy!

Way to raise a kid, Calliopallie ... is the life insurance up to date?

Nice work, JonMikal !
Great stuff JM, Love them both. The 2nd one has a bit of a Alfred Hitchcock feel to it for me.
Gotta dig these Jon. Love em both.
" i sleep with one eye open now :cyclops: "

LOL JM ! Really cool pics and I love the motion of the edge clippers ! LOL !
very dark captures... i'm getting a kinda "chucky" feel on the first one... love the light... er i mean dark... :thumbup:

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