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Jul 14, 2005
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Nothing else to do, shoot some macro :D I don't have any 'good' macros yet, but it's a good time killer ;)

Small wasp nest


Daddy Long Leg


Baby bottle brush

Excelent stuff, nice to be board :) the spider looks a little the worse for wear some how, you didnt freeze him first did you? the details on the leaf are very nice, are they pores, and his hairy legs.

The spider had seen better days. I would like to say he had just died, but there was already some dust collecting on the hair on his legs :confused: And I'm guessing that those are pores on the leaf? This is the first leaf I've had in a macro.
I like the wasp nest best (try saying that after a few pints)...cool focus area, .....the spider does look a bit ill :lol: .....but has good detail, good to do a few macros tho :thumbup:
nice shots but, put a warning on this for those of us who are frightened by bugs! lol. very nicely done macros though!
hey woody, i love these....

the spider is killer.... i think that might be pollen on his legs, atleast thats what it looks like to me...

and he is not what we call a granddaddy long legs.....(although he could qualify with the legs...) thinking its a spider...our granddaddys are just a huge brown dot type thing with 8 legs... uglier than this little guy...

but we may be calling the wrong thing that.....( you know us red necks...)
Very nice! I'd like to know what method you use for these macros? (If you don't mind sharing.)
Really like the DOF in the first one... that second thing is just plain ugly :lol: , but I really like the detail! Nice work - I wish I could take photos out of boredom that came out like yours! :thumbup:
Very cool shots indeed... First one is really great.

I'm going to have nightmares with your spider shot... thanks a lot :grumpy:

:thumbup: :thumbup: Keep up the great work!

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