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Feb 10, 2009
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im into a lot of long exposure night time shots and i was wondering if anyone on here in the boston area knows of any really great places to do this. ive done a lot in the city...well on 35 but need to get in there with my digital and do some more. anyone know of any good spots?
anyone? i dont care if its a hill... just looking for a new place. or if anyone knows of just any good places in any city that they think might be in boston let me know. thanks
Are you looking for city shots or night sky shots?
I'm from Prov. but off the top of my head you'd probably get a couple good shots down at the harbor? Otherwise hit up Providence :D I think the water fire's would have good long expo shots, just have to find the next event
cool thanks. and either. i dont really have a preference

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