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Jun 21, 2003
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Too many photos to choose from for this challenge but i finally picked one out. Now i thought i'd show you the runners up which caused my current headache....




Comments anyone?? C'mon be brutal with 'em:) I know the focul area in the fly shot could have been bigger to capture the spider as well but what else????
this is great macro shots man, congrats.
Equipment used?
:shock: :shock:

Oh well that’s my chances of winning out the window! Perhaps there should be a category for badly composed blurry shots with camera shake and poor depth of field! Or maybe I should just wait for my pics to be developed before I discount them! Shame I didn’t take my new “bad boy” zoom lens on my trip to Wales over the weekend could of got some good shots with that thing…

Nice pics… :D

the first one is my favorite, the color very crisp and vibrant, sharp focus throughout ... i can smell them (even though im allergic to them :p )
Thanks all

I have a trusty Olympus C-730 digital camera (3.2 megapixels)

Smile Synergy :) Don't be put off by the photos as my challenge one is probably down a smidge on quality compared to these but i went for a "different" type of subject matter. :) I wantto see everyone enter a pic in the challenge OK.
I'm with Dew on this one. The first is the crispest of all of them, which is always the first thing I look for in a macro. If its not in focus, then so much detail is lost in the blurry edges. But in this case, the first's focus is spot on.

Oh, and thankyou for reminding me about the macro challenge. I've still got to find a photo or two to submit. :D
These are amazing; I would have to say the second one would be my fave. Great job..
Rejects? [sigh......]

Like the first one a lot. Hard to imagine what you have that beats this one. :)

Alright here comes brutalness u were looking for.

1st one- I do like the DOF, focus, vibrant colors, but the subject matter is sort of boring. and the composition is jsut sort of in the middle of the frame

2nd one- i'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at, but its a great subject matter and i like the composition, i'd move a little left, but its still good. I don't think there is a focus problem, its more like the the spider has too much light on him.

3rd- Nice exposure, good lighting, good focus, background is sorta distracting. And I have no idea what I'm looking at, which may be what you're going for. I think it works. The only real problem I have is the red in the background is distracting.

Nice work though.

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