Mad Stormy Sea


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Mar 22, 2006
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Jeffreysbay, South Africa
Hi al.

Shot this at Storm's River Mouth, South Africa. This near where I live. Shot right into the sun, so it was quite difficult to get a good shot. Was also very misty.

I really like this shot - good motion and stop-action in the water and crashing waves. I really like the misty feel and the subdued colors. The tonal range and exposure is right on IMO. Only thing I'd like to see different is a little less of the large black rock on the left FG -or- a little more detail in that rock's face.
Nice Job !!!
cool shot avk, welcome to tpf... :thumbup:
Hiya, avk, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.

This is one mad picture of the mad stormy sea, wow, I like this very, very much! I like the glistening that you could only get by photographing almost into the sun, and you waited for the very right moment to get this. Cool!!! :thumbup:

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