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    NO GREASE, for the reasons mentioned.
    I wipe the lens mount (body and lens) clean.

    To me, ANY grinding sound when mounting or dismounting the lens is NOT good.
    The lens should slide on and off smoothly and easily.

    It could be poor finishing, leaving a less than smooth mating surface. This is one place where cheap 3rd party lenses are saving $, vs. nicely finished mounts of Nikon, Canon, etc.

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    I would strongly advise against lubricant.

    As far as the question of the rubber seals, I use a protectant called 303 for ALL things plastic or rubber that I want to maintain. It's basically really high quality armor all protectant. I apply a light coat once a year to my kayaks, car dashboard and trim, etc. I could see this being beneficial on the weather seals at the rear of the lens to save them from degrading over time as I'm sure they will.

    I've yet to own a lens long enough to find out how those seals hold up long term.

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