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Feb 15, 2006
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So I was looking online for photobook sites, I found a bunch and was not happy with any. All had templates that you had to use, the ones without templates were for pros only and were very costly. Like most things in my life i untook the task myself and created a professional looking photobook. Total cost will vary depending on pages but heres the breakdown the brands are what I use but I imagine you could use any media you like.

Paper: .50 per page
Semigloss (double sided is best if you can find it) or luster; this paper has the feel of a quality photobook you would find at any bookstore

Cover: $5 for 40x32 (enough for multiple books)
Matte board

Glue: $3 (enough for multiple books obviously)
Scotch paper glue in tube dual applicator style

Strapping tape or duct tape $3

-create a template in photoshop for whatever layout you want leaving a 2 inch margin on the left
-create all your pages
-glue .5 inch to 1 inch strip on left of paper and clamp all pages together over night (the bottle says dries in five minutes but when dealing with a semigloss surface it will need much longer to set)
-cut cover (front and back) from matte board to slightly larger than your page size then cut a 1/2 inch strip off the left edge of the front and back cover and cut a piece of matte board to match the size if the spine.
-tape all pieces of together so you have the front cover-the 1/2 inch stripof the front cover-the spine-the 1/2 stripof the back cover then the back cover leaving small gaps betweeen each piece (this will allow for the cover to bend easily)
-Using roll paper print an image one to two inches larger than the total size of your full cover (I.e. if your cover fully open is 24 x 12 then print a picture 28x14)
-adhere this picture to the cover using 3m spray mount and sandwich between two pieces of board overnight to let it set. Make sure to bend and glue the ends of the photo around the matte board. Leave the top and bottom overhang as they are.

-after a day unclamp and cut off the excess photo from the top and bottom of your cover creating a smooth edge.

-Now take your glued up pages and set them into your cover by adhering the spine of the glued pages to the spine strip of the cover with hot glue.
Now fold the two little strips of the cover and adhere them directly to the glued pages you should now have a spine and 1/2 inch glued directly to your pages and your done.

Give the book a couple folds to get it workd in. The result should look great. If anyone has more questions emailme and Illsend you directions with photos of each step. If your having trouble or dont have the right equiptment Ill make one for you for cost just send me the layout in.

Why do all this you ask? The result will be nicer than any stock photobook site and you choose everything and are not forced into a layout you are just ok with. This is a great thing to present to clients rather than a standard sleeved portfolio.

I did a 50 page book to show all my work some clients can choose which photos they like. the total cost was roughly $30.

Dont think you cant do it, you can it may sound confusing but its real easy and in the end you have a great photobook for your coffe table, a present, a client, whoever that looks as professional as anything I have seen..

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