Making Photography Your Full Time Job

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    Right Like everything else you have to improvise, when things change, the successful industry changes with it to stay alive..
    For instance Record Companies realize that most people don't wish to buy Audio Cd's any more, some do , but most people don't they have all their music on MP3 players or stored in something like that, why Stack your house with hundred's of CD, which degrade in time any way and don't work in 5 or 10 years any more.
    So they sell Music on Line that you can either download or access..

    Same with Movies, That is Changing, DVD's are still alive, but they are tons of methods of Buying movies now, for instance If you have Comcast you can just Purchase movies, and access them any time, no need to hang the DVD on your shelf any longer..

    With Photography, the technology has Improved and grown so much they have made it so just about any one can take an acceptable picture.
    Even Movie's, Many Creative artist Actors / Directors People wanting to get in the business they are using Camera system they can afford and making Movies and Music Video's
    For Example, Lindsey Sterling Famous Violinist, got her big beak and started her success just from making her own music video's And putting them on youtube, Now she Sells her music all over the world and Tours all over the world Live..

    She first went to a record Label And they turned her down and told her she would never make it, and so she was on her own and still kept at it and is now A success.
    To this day all her music videos that end up on VH1 Or Music videos you can purchase, she creates them her self, With Affordable Video Camera's and does all her own editing
    and post herself..

    cinematography Is huge these days, 90% of all the Rapper artist famous or not famous are creating there own Music Video's.
    So even that profession, all these major Companies who did most of the Music Video's for successful artist ie, Madonna, Lady GAGA, they was making Billions off offering cinematography Services, Now they are not used so much, Smaller cinematography Services are out there and used, for less then half the cost, or the artist use there own crew for that now.

    The only industry that cinematography Is still alive and strong is the Movie and TV series Industry, (Hollywood)

    Oh and as far as the point and shoot camera, the little compact camera, the the Nikon Coolpix, are DEAD, The Cell Phone Industry Killed it, Why buy that camera when your IPhone 7 Takes just as good pictures if not better, and now the Iphone X which can give you bokah now with it's new software,
    the DSLR professional type cameras are still selling good, but the common buying camera for the general public like the Nikon Coolpix, is just about DEAD and probably you won't see them any more in the next 3 or 4 years..


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