making simple web gallery using photoshop?


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Sep 18, 2003
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My goal is to use photoshop, lightroom or ImageReady *I think is the name* to "export" my pictures into a contact form like html file. But I dont remember how to do this. I seen something like this a while ago but I hvent had the need for it until now.

I was hoping someone here knew how to do it. I basically want it to resize the images and put them all into an html file in columns of 5 or so with the file number below it. Having the image clickable to a slightly larger version would be great but not necessary.

Advice would be awesome. Even if there is a free program that will do this would be good. I dont have dreamweaver or wordpress. I normally do html but I will be working with 250 pictures, this could save me a few hours.
Lightroom has a web module. It makes it very easy to create a basic web gallery.

Here are one example that I've made. with Lightroom.
Mike Hodson Photography

Another application that I've used, is simple viewer. The free version has a small 'simple viewer' tag on it, but the paid version will remove that.
Example here Web
Thanks! I should have specified I have PS CS5 and LR3. Im still learning alot about LR and cant wait to upgrade to 5.
Jess, thats more for storyboards and albums I think. I needed a way to easily generate a web gallery with file numbers to show a wedding clients family.

LR3's web module did a pretty good job, and saved me hours of html coding :D I just wish it had an ordering system option. :D but for what it does I am pretty happy.

Btw, I know another Jess Owens in VA, I had to look up your page to see if you were her or not. :D She bought my old Canon XT and has started her own photography business as well. I hope she doesnt plan on using jess owens photography since you already have it and are only a few hours away. :)
I needed a way to easily generate a web gallery with file numbers to show a wedding clients family.
I just wish it had an ordering system option.
I don't know much about it, but check out Smugmug.

I use Photocart. It wasn't free, but it was a one time purchase and it's something that lives on my website (I don't have to pay fees or send my clients to another website).
I use to have a smug account until they raised their prices, then I dropped them and went with hostgator. online sales is something I do once in a blue moon. :)

I wonder how many customers they lost from that, it was a pretty significant raise all at once.
You might also check out some photo labs and their website options. (especially if this isn't something you do often)

For example, one of my local drug store chains has pretty good photo labs. I have an account on their website and I can upload images to my 'galleries'. I can, of course, order prints from there...but I can also send the link to other people and have them choose prints and possibly make orders etc.
It wouldn't be the most 'professional' way to go about it...but if you only need it once in a may work.

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