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Oct 2, 2005
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These are rather simple.. These are photos I took from the mall parking lot etc...





Thanks for looking
if you dont mind a suggestion or two: If you do mind just ignore this. Sometimes the best thing you can for a shot you see is to change the angle of view before you shoot it. Both of these would have been much better shots if the angle of view was different.

Number one would have been a more dramatic shot if you had stood close to the wall and shot it at an oblique angle, The box would have showed in an almot squared off u shape because of the forced perspective.

On the poles same thing. If you had taken about one giant step to either side the line of poles would have led you into the frame of the picture, rather than cutting it in half.

I wish I had something to show you but I reall cant think of anything off hand. Maybe someone else can. The texture on the concrete wall in number one is good and you wouldn't have lost that with a strong oblique angle on the box.
Thanks for posting.. thats what IM looking for.. CC is always welcome in my posts....

Will try to get the pictures again when I head that way this weekend.. Ill post them for your thoughts.. Thanks!

YES if anyone has pictures to help describe what he speaking of please do share them here.. THANKS!
Thanks a lot!! will try it at different angles every which way i can :)

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