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    The link above should take you to an image I shot a week or two back and the film just came back to me.

    It was taken with a Mamiya M645 using a 50mm lens and hand metered. Scanned with a cheap Cannon flat bed, 8000F or some such thing. Dropped it into lightroom and made a few minor adjustments.

    The day was mostly crappy light and I left disgusted certain that none of my images would be worthwhile. But I have to tell you, this is pretty darn good for me. Wish I could say I get a couple like this on every roll way.

    This is the Old Town Hall at Historic Deerfield in Massachusetts. It's in the middle of the state about 8 minutes from my front door.

    I see now there is some dust and hair in the clouds, I'll have to clean the film and rescan or heal it out in photoshop. Also sorry for the large image, can't resize from where I'm at. Hopefully your web browser will shrink it to single screen size.

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