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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by jbylake, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I would like to suggest that items in the for sale section must be accompanied by a price and contact information other than PM. Honestly, this is the only forum I've visited where people can post in the for sale section without a) a minimum amount of time on the forum, b) a minimum number of meaningful posts with emphasis on meaningful (no +1's), and c) posting an asking price, not just best offer, and d) all of the above.

    People come here with 1 or 2 posts, and either no email address, or something like Even if they are legitimate sellers, which is probably not the case, they have posted this item on every relevant forum that they can find. Sort of turns this into an "EBAY" type auction, without the safeguards of Ebay and Paypal.

    I've read about these type of scams, in various articles, on the web and in computer mag's, in print. Many times, the people who get taken in the scam, rarely report it, a because all forums usually have a "buy at your own risk" type of disclaimer, or they are to embarrased that they got shafted.

    This is a first class, international, and vastly popular forum. I'd think that the admin's would at least take a look "under the hood" and this one "chink in the armor".

    Just a suggestion, might save a fellow forumite's butt, and money.



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