Manila Skyline


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Aug 10, 2011
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This is my first real attempt at HDR, an old shot I dug up to see if I could make it work. This shot was taken when I had no idea how to properly use my camera, not sure how I even knew what AEB was lol.

SOOC unedited

Skyline SOOC from RAW by JustinZ850, on Flickr

3 exposure merged in photomatix>LR>color efex pro>LR for edits

Skyline by JustinZ850, on Flickr
Technically, the HDR image is worlds better then the original. Although, I'm not crazy about the composition. I would have eliminated about a 1/3 of the foreground, which would have given us a more balanced amount of that great smog covered background.
Not bad. You have some blown out areas in the sky and the clouds are a bit dark. I think you have to much black in the trees and it takes detail away. If you could have dropped the angle a bit to make the that second tall building taller than the last building I think you would have captured a better perceptive a depth. Those two building look almost the same height and they are not the eye needs to know that the middle building is closer by making it bigger with the lower camera angle.

Overall not bad for your first processing HDR. Nice and sharp!

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