mannequins and a portrait


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Jun 7, 2006
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a portrait...

With #1 the people setting in the background really hurt the shot IMO, I would crop it square on the left side, also did you try a B&W version

#2 - I’m not strong with portrait myself, I think it need a little cropping on the top and the leaves need a little adjusting
I think the "dismembered" mannequins alongside the very normal couple with their dog makes for a shocking and bizarre contrast -- very arresting. This could be one of those pictures where viewers are challenged to come up with clever captions. Good job.
Jeff... I'm afraid I can not agree with you... The figures in the background are as important to this picture as the mannequins are... And what about the great dane? A picture like this is dream-like and evocative to my way of thinking. When I'm out with my camera, I look for them... seek them out.

I did make some changes to the portrait, some adjustments in color and added some space to the left side so that the plant could be displayed fully.

bburton ... Thanks for looking. I think you get it... :)

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