Marathon Photos? How?


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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK
I am attending the London Marathon this weekend and I want to get snaps of all the runners, yes all the thousands so I understand I am going to have to be quick plus I may have problems as Ive only got a Total of 2GB Cards :er:

But my laptop will come in handy.

Anyhow has anyone got any marathon photos to show that they believe are good?
are you seriously going to try to take ever runner's picture? or was that a joke? if you were serious, mind telling me why? you will need to take some wide shots if you want to do that without losing space on your cards :)

shoot .jpg. RAW is great, but when it comes to this stuff, JPG is usually fine. you could probably add another 2gb onto that for less than 100 bucks if you wanted to...just stick with brands like lexar, sandisk, and kingston and you'll be safe.
that is some task for just one person. good luck
No examples for you, But an idea for the 2gb problem...

Why not set up at one position and have your laptop side by side, usb from the camera to the laptop running RemoteCapture , soon as you take the shot it throws it down the usb and saves it?
I'd like to think trhat would be impossible. he only time they will all be together is at the start of the race and you won't be able to go around to all the individuals and take their picture.

Did you mean each runner individually?
i'm sure he meant as a crowd, because there is absolutely no way he could get every runner's pic. there isnt even a point to that. i'm sure he meant the crowds.

the laptop idea might be good, but unless you get it to transfer quickly, you're stuck at that one spot so you'll need to snap quick.
Ok I may be a little late on this thread, but I thought I should still put my 2 cents in. As someone who has ran many marathons and other road races I should tell you there is no way on earth you will be able to get shots of every person individually. Especially the London Marathon, which happens to be one of the largest marathons in the world. Most marathons, definately all major marathons, such as London has a whole company there shooting the event. For the last marathon I ran, Chicago in 2005, there were at least 20-30 photogs there shooting constantly. I certainly do not want to discourage you, but if you plan on shooting every single person and then try to sell the shots to them, then you are going to have one heck of a time. That would be the equivelant of standing on the side of a major highway at rush hour and trying to get shots of every car. It's not going to happen. Whatever your plans, good luck.

Do be a dear and let us know how you made out. Your input may just be of help far beyond photographing marathons.
I have a video iPod and know there are adapters to plug your camera into. I haven't gotten around to getting one but I think how they work is that you just plug it in and the iPod automatically sucks everything off the camera and saves it until you get home. I planned on using this for vacations as it's 30 / 60 gigs and sounds fairly fast and easy.

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