March '09 Photo Challenge - "Lifted Up"

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to those who took part in the February challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing how the vote pans out.

The Photo Challenge this month is on the theme "Lifted Up"

For all those who wish to participate in this challenge please take a moment to read through the following:

- The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2009
- The image can be no larger then 150KB*
- Include your forum username when submitting
- The attached photo must be in the form of a .jpg
- Please keep your photo anonymous (no distinguishing watermarks, and no photos that have been posted previously on the forum)
- Submit no more than one photo
- If you wish you may include a title when submitting your photo (please ensure that the attached photo is renamed as the chosen title)
- The form must also be included when submitting the photo
- The forum Admins and Moderators reserve the right to exclude or remove any photo solely at their discretion
- The forum Admins and Moderators reserve the right to decide the winner of the photo challenge
- All submitted photos will be posted in a new thread within the first week of the following month

>>>>>>>>>> Copy and Paste this into your submission email <<<<<<<<<< Username:
*Photo Title (optional):
[NEW] Photo location (city, country):
Is the attached photo 150KB or less? Y/N
Is the attached photo a jpeg? Y/N
Has this photo been posted before? Y/N
Please submit only one photo per challenge.
Please enter your email subject as "March '09 Challenge Submission"

*Please ensure that the attached photo is named the title you wish it to have otherwise the title will not be used.
.................................................. .................................................. ...

Please email your photo to [email protected] and remember to enter the subject as indicated.

All photos must include the form when submitted. Just copy and paste it into your email. This will ensure that no mistakes are made when photos are submitted and therefore, hopefully, no photos are excluded. If the form is not included in the submission email the photo will not be included in the challenge gallery and voting process.

There is more important information regarding rules and procedures located in the FAQ section. We highly recommend that you take the time to read these FAQs.

Good luck to everyone and have fun with this challenge!

*150KB will be taken as the &#8220;size on disk&#8221; and not the actual file size. Also some email programs consider 1KB=1000Bytes as oppposed to 1KB=1024Bytes. When these programs calculate attachment size they will often read larger then they actually are. To be safe we recommend a target size of about 140KB so that once sent it does not go over 150KB.
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in the copy/paste form it says to put Feb 09 submission as the email object! ;)
Yeah, I was wondering about that too, and I've already submitted one (my first!). Should I re-submit it with "march" as the date? (I just copied the form ... but like I said, I noticed that too and have been curious about it ever since.)
Hi, I'm new to this site and photography.
I would like to post a photo but the rules say it as to be less than 150KB.
How do I get a photo down to this size.
I have tried but can not seem to get them that small.
They keep showing as minimum 152KB + :confused:
Yeah, that's a bit of a trick, ain't it? :grumpy:

First, resize the image if it's larger - try to get it down to about 500-pixels wide or tall.

Then use a graphics program with a good "Save for Web" option... Photoshop calls it "Save for Web or Devices..." (and I suppose PS Elements may have the same feature or something similar.)

Irfanview is a free program what will both resize an image and has a good "Save for Web" option that runs as a plug-in. (This is an excellent tool to have! Irfanview has been a favorite of mine for well over twelve years ... I even carry it on my USB stick and can run it from there.) Make sure you also get the plug-ins package when you get Irfanview and install those too. And this gem will do a lot more than just "Save for the Web"!

Give it a try, and best of luck...
Ok so the theme is lifted up could someone explain what that is exactly does that mean a person lifting something up or a crain lifting something up
It's open entirely to your own interpretation - physical, spiritual, theoretical, metaphysical, metaphorical, take your pick...
Is there any limit to post the photos those can be participated in the voting..
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