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Marekting your Photography Business


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Dec 27, 2013
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Hi! First, let me share with you 2 of our photos:


So the first one is one of our entries in a photography contest and the second picture is one of our shots from a stage play. We were hired to be the official photographer in our Village's feast celebration. Fortunately, most of our relatives and friends are hiring our services for their special events such as birthdays and weddings. We now feel a bit confident with all the positive remarks that we are getting from different people who have seen our photos. With this, we are now eager to make this business grow. While we are finishing our website, we are showcasing our photos via Facebook and Instagram. These 2 social media channels help us a lot and we are really getting good comments from our viewers. Now, we are looking for other ways of promoting our service thru internet. How do you promote your business? Would you mind sharing with us? Thanks.
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Where your business is will have a lot to do with what works, or doesn't work, for promotion.
Google has noted that more than 1/2 of all Internet advertising never gets seen.

What works for a photographer in a major US city likely won't be as effective in a small US city.

My last photography business was in rural central Iowa. The biggest town in the county has 27,500 people and I am a 1 hour drive from Des Moines - pop. 203,400.

Before that I was in an Arizona metropolitan statistical area with 996,500 people.
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Ooh great post - I hope this becomes sticky!

Nothing and I mean NOTHING can beat word of mouth referrals and recommendations. There's a reason some advertising principles have lasted the test of time; so it's definitely worth establishing some kind of "referral program." Then all you have to do at the end of a project is give each client a flier or card offering discounted services or a special prints package or something if their friends hire you for a job.

I think the best tip I've seen for online advertising is giving clients a couple special lo-res images they can share for free on Facebook/social media under the condition that they have to leave your watermark on the photo and tag you in the description. These are usually images that weren't "prime picks" from the collection, but are still pretty good, and are often cropped to fit the Facebook mobile feed perfectly and of course a (faint but legible) watermark somewhere in the middle close to the subject so it can't be cropped or Photoshopped out.
I think the best marketing plan nowadays is thru social media. There is nothing more economical and convenient than it. Unless you have a budget, you can always hire someone to do your marketing online by means of SEO.
Do promote via social media as well? My friend uses one for her site. Maybe I should use their services too. I wonder how much it'll cost though.
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