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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Marina Twilight:

Beautiful tones as usual. Fantastic shot.

I really do enjoy your photography.
Wow -- so many boats! Great tones... I love how the colors are reflected in the water. Very nice
It is a cool shot but looks a little on the dark side to me (even though it is twighlight) also i'm finding the 50/50 split slighly unflattering. I had a go with the crop creating more a pano feel and making more of those masts, I also adjusted levels and curves if you'd like me to post it?
It's a great shot as it is but imo could benefit further from a little play.
Just my thought, hope it helps.
Thanks guy’s for your comments as they are always appreciated.

KenCo Thank you for your suggestions,
Yeah I know I broke rules on this one.

Go ahead and post your update I am curious to see it.
Ok, thanks Randog.
I cropped more pano, adjusted the levels and curves, then sharpened but on this small version the sharpening seemed too much so used a bit blur to calm it down a bit. I don't know if the processing helps but I like the crop and you could get better results from the larger file.

KenCo I do like the crop better! :) I don't think my original version is too dark, it was the mood I was looking for. I may try and brighten it up just a tad! Thanks for your input, I find it very beneficial. :)

Thanks Santos!
Randog said:
I don't think my original version is too dark
Well my monitor is uncallibrated, so that could just be me...
But for me it's just the foreground that makes it look a tad dark, it may not need lightened if it was cropped.
It's a cool shot anyway and each of us see things differently.
Thanks Ken, I do appreciate your insight and your suggestions! We can never make it to the next level, without listening and considering all opinions and options :)
nice capture... i agree you can probably improve the shot by experimenting with different comps... but it's still a cool photo... :thumbup:
Thanks JTH! :D

Here is my final modified version:

Thanks to Ken for his suggestions, I think the shot turned out much better! :D
^^Very nice, Randog! I like the crop of the modified version. Beautiful scene.

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