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Jul 23, 2007
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Albany, NY
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I did a modeling shoot last week, something different from the norm and I had an absolute blast. Here are some of my favorites.




Great looking model, well done.

The first three look like they could use some catch lights to make her eyes sparkle. I'm not a fan of the OOF area in the foreground of #2.

Lastly, I feel like these could all use a tighter crop. There is too much background and not enough model. Give it a try and see if you don't like it better that way.
Thanks Mike, The OOF was due to the falling leaves we threw in front of her, I kinda like the effect, but Im a bokeh addict. thanks for the advice, Ill play a bit with croppings later this week and see how I like it.
The poses and expressions are great. IMO number 2 could be a bit lighter and the entire series could have a warmer colour balance. Number 1 and 2 especially have a cold model in a warm environment look. My personal preference is to make the model neutral at the expense of the background, so in number 1 and 2 the background will go orange.
Thanks guys, Yea only used natural light.
Gotta love natural light. I agree about the color as mentioned above. #2 could really use some Pop, but the expression is great. #3 is my fav for sure. I notice there is a little more dead space on the top in most of them though.
number 3 is my fav, very nice shot of a beautiful model. i agree that some catchlights would make her "sparkle" a little :)
I like the first two best. The leaves are neat but if they were all like the one at the top left it would be better.
I'd also suggest lightening her face a bit to make it stand out and draw your attention faster.
Nice poses and location.

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