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Dec 14, 2004
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they seem a bit overexposed a bit to me

also, there wasnt any way to work with her long neck?

they are really good photos though...
i like the one of them in the cast of the sun
Hi Teresa,
Thanks for looking.
These shots were lit with two lights, and metered. Maybe my monitor is off.
Anyhoo, I kinda like her long neck. I think it's very elegant.
Thanks Again.
I'm not sure it's over exposure but maybe more to much glowness give in pp.

I like her neck to, I just think in 1 with her laughing/smiling she kinda pulled her chin back and it makes it look a bit ackward.
I love the leaves in 4 I just don't think the comp works for me.
I totally get what you were going for in 3 but it's way to bright for me...but thats me ;)
I think 5 is beautiful but he looks desperate for her attention LOL!
Over all I have to say good job! Keep it comin.
Nice portraits. They do seem a bit on the bright side but it seems to be restricted to the skin tones. This may be in PP.
I have no issue with her neck but keeping her chin down just a bit would improve things.
If you want to see examples send her over to me for a shoot!
Overall, I really like the shots.
I think #1 could use a little bit of burning under her chin and on her neck, to make it recede a bit. As it is, it makes her neck look really heavy, which I know it's not, judging by the other photos. For example, yours is on the left, my burn is on the right (mine is just a quick job to show you what I mean. I know it's smudgy) ;) :


I love how classy she looks in #5. That one is my favorite. :)
Hi Gordon,
While I appreciate the CC, it's not likely I'll be pimping out my clients. LOL.
Anyhoo, thanks you guys for looking.
I like the shadow you added WM. We may have had the key light too low.

If I ever need a good beating, I know where to come.
The burn WM added solved it!

Beating, NO! Nothin but love for ya elspet :)
oh dear, dont want to beat you down...but we cant be perfect all the time, as much as we try!

not really caring for any of them, except 3...i find them too light and slightly blue on their skin...agree about the neck, this has thick neck...(i have one too, i am sooo concious of it, fortunately her's is long!!) anywya, i do think adding a bit of shadow there does the trick.

-#2, i like the background, but find her looking a touch awkward, however, i know not everyone can relax, try as we might to get them too...also, would like to see more headspace, particularly in a full frame shot,

#3 love it!

#4...did you have them running a marathon? ha ha

#5, what puppy dog eyes, but again, a touch more 'clearance' on her, just a touch, framed i think the top of her hair would be nipped and i know that it would bug most clients...either intentionally chop off the head or give it more framing space
Thanks emogirl. I agree about the blue. I couldn't get rid of it without everything going "green".
Anyway, she picked the second. :)

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