Mark and Shannon's Wedding


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Dec 14, 2004
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lol at her wearing $10 flipflops.

I like 12 the best. That black fellow has a great expression on his face.
These are great! My only nitpick would be on the first picture. With the front guys arms blending in with the shadows, his hands seem to be disembodied. Other than that, I like the entire series. :)
Hehe WM. I didn't notice that until you mentioned it.
It does kinda look like a coupla lopped off hands balanced on the staircase. LOL!
#9 is great can SEE the love!

#1...honestly, surprised that you posted it, sorry, overexposed faces, harsh flash,

#7, i would edit out the pole coming off his shoulder...nice shot!
Inspiring stuff (I am writing down notes. I shoot very few weddings, but I'm already booked for one in June)!

I think I do agree with the #7 think but I wonder if it'll look good if the crown behind them were less visible maybe changing the DOF. The big guys body expression is weird to me.


That's a quicky edit. I copied the layer, gaussian blur, erased the area over the b&g and then darkened the level output. (just thought I try)


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Hi Guys,
Here's the thing about the's one photo of a sequence of about 20.
You got me. I'm lazy. :)
The reason I kept the crowd, was because they were doing this silly little dance back there that had the bride and groom cracking up.
But I SHOULD have lost the pole.....
Thank you David for the edit. I know it's bad if I have to explain the shot. :) But the dancing group was actually why I comped the photo that way.
Anywhoo, thank you guys for the nice comments, great advice, and David, for your edit.
BTW-I now see number one with fresh eyes. It was one of my faves because of the lines, but now I don't like it so much.
Love you guys!
i disagree with david's edit ...and no, you did not need to explain the shot....the crowd totally went with the photo...its the whole story!!!

i get being lazy..but you know it will be worth it to lose the pole!!!
Oh yeah, it would be great to lose the pole, but when I'm looking at 900 shots to be edited, a fairly hard pole removal on 20 seems like forever! LOL
I've been wrong before! =o)

(I didn't put the dancing thing together, I see it now... you were both right!) I just didn't see the seriousness with the kiss coupled with the fun of the crowd. It looked like 2 separate moods.

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