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Marketing for Senior pics, portraits, teams


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Jan 22, 2019
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Been doing my photography side-business for 10+ years, have a web site, accountant, LLC, contract, insurance, etc., etc., etc.

I would like to generate more bookings and income in the senior photos area.

Never really advertised aside from a few Facebook ads last summer, they did yield two senior bookings.

Thoughts and suggestions on marketing? Family friend runs a marketing company...might look in to this.

Any luck with Google ads? Instagram ads? Bumping up FB ads? Other suggestions?
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I've been a yearbook advisor for 16 years at the HS level. We have a contract with a local photographer that gives them the right to have access to students in return for coming on campus and taking team/action/school ID photos. They also are required to provide all the portraits for the yearbook, with a file of names, grade level, etc. that is used by the yearbook company to put the names and pictures in the book using automatic software (as opposed to manually typing names and inserting pictures). This uses really pricey software such as ImageMatch (I think that's the name).
Students are free to have their Senior portraits taken anywhere, but they have to at least go to the "official" studio for a picture, in the hopes they will buy a print package. The coaches are notorious for using their friends and family, but the "official" company only makes money if they have the chance to shoot team pictures, then the buddy photos, etc. and then sell prints.
I would use whatever anyone gave me, but I do steer people to the "official" company because I know that's how they make any money.

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