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May 13, 2005
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Edmonton, AB
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Now the question is, does anybody remember me?! :lol:

Just making my internet rounds, hit a 5 month photo dry spell. I haven't been inspired to do anything, mainly cuz it's been winter. but spring has arrived for about a month, I think I want to try my hand at some candid photos in public, maybe make my way downtown Edmonton for some more architecture and nature.

Inspire me peeps! :mrgreen:

By the way, it's good to be back! *hums Prism song of same title*
i remember you. Didn't Bace take you under his wing at some point? :)

Look forward to seeing your street shots
lol not really! He questioned my username a few times :lol:
bass is bace. ace of bace. mace. face. chase. haste.

"wtf is that talking about..."

It's early.
I didn't even know you were Canadian.

This changes everything.
I don't know if you're Canadian or not. So how many racial slurs and cliches will i find in your next post? If you're American that is.
I'm from Toronto dude. Plus how would there be a racial divide between Canada and America. Just an intelligence difference that's all.

Ahh, Toronto! I wanna live there when I'm older. I have loose plans to take journalism in Ottawa after high school, after taking a year off.

During that year off, I plan to take a 1962 Volkswagen Microbus, 2 friends, and lots of beer and take pictures in every single state of the world's largest ________(everything).

OILERS GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP! They're Canada's last line of defence
Toronto is the sh!t dude.

And people aren't as snobby as most westerners would have you believe. We're just better than westerners that's all.


And yeah. Go Oilers.

Uh...What's an Oiler again?
Oilers... Edmonton Oilers... Hockey... Stanley Cup Finals? First time in 16 years? Just like the glory days with Gretzky, Messier, Fuhr? Ring a bell?

Naw, westerners kick ass! I'm not a hick, just a city boy. Can't wait to go to Toronto one day. I think I wanna live in Vancouver though when I'm older.
You want to get some candid photos in public? Get down to Whyte Ave after the games. You can get everything from hooligans to flashers :shock:
i might have to do that next week. Only I don't wanna get stabbed :er: Besides I'm only 15. I'll have to go with someone. And be careful. lol

I wish I got pics of those guys hanging from the power line :lol:
That whole Whyte Ave thing just ****es me off. Why would people want to damage their own city? It's most likely people who are not from here...but are just here working for the oil boom.

Hopefully, when the Oilers win The Cup, people will be able to have fun without a couple of idiots giving the city a bad rep.
I was being funny with the Oilers thing. As if I could miss any hockey news with an office full of hockey fans. Personally I don't watch until the Leafs are in the playoffs, and even then it's just what's on TV at the bars while I'm getting sh!tfaced with friends.

Toronto is a great city. I've lived here for 2 1/2 years now and I'm not even close to being sick of it.

From what I hear, Vancouver is the place to be though. I'll be heading out west next year sometime. Now that I'm making cash and **** it'll be a lot easier to take a week off for travel.

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