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Dec 14, 2003
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After seeing Randogs mausoleum pic, I ventured out yesterday in the rain, and snapped a few images The rain was too bad, so I did not finish my quest. Hm...guess I gotta go back. :lol:

This is Timothy Eatons resting place. Founder of Eatons Department store, in 1869. It eventually closed its doors in 2002. Really bad angle, but this was shot from in my car.
It is almost at big as my house:lol:


I think this is the mausoleum of James of the members of parliment in the 1860's. Not 100% sure. There are two that look identical, and I can not remember which one this is.


The awesome lookin Massey crypt, constructed in 1890 - 1894. Massey was the president of Massey Manufacturing...making farm equipment. I think they later became Massey-Ferguson. To see this in person is stunning. You can see inside, and there are ropes that open the windows at the top of the structure.

cooooool...... that third one is awesome!..... thats something we're short of over here mausoleums..... i like all of these.... but that third structure is very special, great stuff chiller :thumbup:
Thanks Arch. I plan on going back on a nicer day, and get some better shots, and I will get some of the insides. Amazing artwork in there
wow...these look like mansions.....they are awesome...ya'll sure know how to bury over there, dont ya??

very cool shots, chiller.... very dark..very eerie....
That's it, Chiller ... Raven, Me, the wedding gown, veil and roses ... black lace and blade are ALL on the way over ...

(Raven, can you imagine what we could do with THOSE?!?!?!?!)
Rocking shots, Chiller! All 3 are excellent (needless to say), but it's the splendour of the Massey Mausoleum itself that really makes that third shot stand out.
Thanks so much everyone for your comments.
Airic...this is mount pleasant. These are in the old part, south west area. Ya gotta watch out for the security guard who thinks he is a pit bull, waiting for a raw hide bone. There are 3 running around there who will have you put your camera away. I figured them out...I get all five of me to wreak havoc there.:lol: :lmao: :lol:

anicole, april...come on up. Y'all would love it here.

anti...ya gotta schwing over there and check it out.

Thanks again everyone. :thumbup:
You know, that was a question I was meaning to ask you cemetery photographers -- do you ever get hassled by people there for taking pics? Guards? Mourners? Others?

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