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Jun 26, 2013
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Hey all

So i won an auction on Ebay (new MB-D14)
I spend a rudicules low price 80$
But something just dont feel right i dont know what maybe its fake grip maybe not.
It came within a nikon mb-d14 box and it got the nikon logo on the bottom of the grip. But in the other way there is a realy little peeling edges the aperture and shutter reel dont spin equally. maybe im just hystedical, i dont know
Is there anyone that can help me figure out if its genuine or fake?
For $80, I'd say you got a knock-off. Usually, the real thing goes for 80-95% of new.

If the ad stated 'for MB-D14", the for is a big tip-off. Also, the lack of 'genuine' or 'OEM'.

Another clue is if the command dial(s) is/are reversed in relationship to the camera. Some are, some aren't, but if one or both is reversed, it's a KO.
I bought an MB-D80 battery grip for my D90 off of Amazon for $35.00 and knew all along that it was a MeiKe brand knock-off.
I have been using it for a whole year now with no problems whatsoever. In fact so far it's great. What's the problem with yours?
It is starts with "for" mb-d14 the price was an auction and i was the only bider

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