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MB-D80 Question


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Nov 15, 2010
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I recently purchased a used D90 and MB-D80 grip. I charged both batteries (1 nikon/1promaster) before use. I assumed that once one battery was dead, the next battery would kick in. Battery 1 died today. The camera acted like I had no battery power when in fact that Nikon battery still had about full power. In order to use my camera, I had to remove the promaster battery. Once the camera was on, I checked the battery info in menu. I had already taken about 45 pictures on the nikon battery. So why all of a sudden act like the batteries are dead??

Is this how this grip works? Kinda sucks if it is. Seems like that just makes it as effective as carrying an extra battery in my bag to put in when one dies.
That's not how it works. When one battery dies it should automatically switch over to the other battery. I had a problem with mine as well and found that I didn't screw it in tight enough. Maybe check that. There shouldn't be any wiggle in the battery hand grip at all. Hope this helps.
mine is seamless, I've never noticed any switching from one battery to the next with it. its just simply 2x the battery life...it lasts forever too, I've taken 1200+ shots on one charge of both batteries. how old are the batteries themselves?

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