Me and my Oldest Son.......: )

photo gal

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Feb 4, 2005
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Planet Carolyn..Cool should visit!
So sorry for the terrible quality......very bad scanner!! : (


This is my son Jason, he'll be 31 in two months! : )

You probably can see he doesn't look much like me......he does however almost look like the spitting image of his father!
Awww, what a nice shot Photogal! Good looking son ya got there. And you look so proud of him.
man, photogal...your son is just is his mother...!!!

great shot... you sure dont look like you have a son gonna be 31!!

you musta been 8 when you had him!!!
Okay ... that's it ... no more family posts for you! You have entirely too much beauty for one family! Bet he has the chicks steppin' and fetchin' for him, huh?

Oh, and you look pretty great, too!!!
Awww thanks are all too sweet......I do admit he is a handsome man and when he was younger I had to beat the girls off with a stick....same was true for his brother! They still have girls...even very young girls throwing themselves at them........They are very good men though and don't take advantage of that I am proud to say! : )
It's funny how genetics work, isn't it? One of my sons looks just like me, the other just like his father! Thanks for sharing this with us :)
Hertz van Rental said:
Both my sons look like the milkman... :scratch:

Lovely shot - you both still look good fuzzy ;)


Nice shot photo gal! They grow too fast, eh?

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