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Jan 3, 2006
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Birmingham, UK
Some of you will know that I recently got a D50, as my first camera :D So here are a few of my first "decent enough to post" shots hehe...

All gone now! If you want to see them click the link to my website which is in my sig!
Cool shots! We'll have you shooting vertically and not chopping the bottom off things in no time! :)

The daffodils are probably my favourite too - I love the effect of fill flash at dusk or dawn - lends a very magaziney quality to shots!

Well, it is not easy to criticize any photos about which their author is already saying that he was only experimenting with DOF and such, and in which the author himself has already seen his own mistakes (like chopping things off the bottom).

The daffodil buds don't appeal to me as much as they do to you, for I always find that outdoor flower pics should not be done by using flash, but since you like that one best of the series I don't feel good in telling you so. Well, ok. I did. Done is done.

The one I really like is the photo of your dog (not your nan's mean dog, but YOURS). That one is nice. The only criticism about that as well as about your nan's mean dog is that they look in the wrong direction what the frame is concerned: anyone or anything that "looks" should be given room to look into within the frame, so next time you shoot your dog's profile and he looks to his own left (your right), shift the camera right, too, to give him the required "room within the frame". See what I mean?

Same applies to your nan's mean dog: much space behind her head, and she's looking against the border of the picture.

Isn't playing with DOF great fun???
cool first shots nitefly.... keep experimenting on different things and you'll master the dof thing in no time..... good effort :thumbup:
Cheers Arch!! I will post some more up soon!

Also LaFoto, cheers for that.. I will take it into consideration next time im shooting my nans dog (with my AK-47, i hope lol).

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