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May 10, 2003
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I have a medium format Twin Lens reflex Yashica MAT 124G I got many years ago. I've never been able to get great pictures from it. Most pics I take with it are slightly out of focus. I think something might be wrong either with the camera adjustment or the the guy behind it (me) :roll:
Looking thru the focusing lens, if I focus up to infinity, everything is out of focus. I need to dial back a bit to get the horizon in focus. Is this normal? Could this mean the lenses are not properly aligned? Or is it simply a harder to use system?

I dont know if this will help, but i had an old minolta that got a jar to the side of a result the lens got knocked out of whack and wouldnt focus correctly... maybe you are on to something. sorry i cant help with it more!

I have the same camera. The Mat is not the easiest camera to focus. I wear glasses, and I have trouble myself. If it hasn't been mishandled or dropped, it should be OK. You can use hyperfocal focusing on this camera the same as a 35mm. This may help you get better focus on your subject. :shock:
Thanks. I got the camera from a lady a few years ago and it seems to be very well taken care of. What do you mean by hyperfocal focusing?
The hyperfocal setting is setting the infinity mark at the fstop in use on the focusing knob. On 35mm, these markings are on the lens barrel. This will give you the maximum DOF for the aperature in use and is good for landscape and scenic photography. Do you use your magnifier? This will also help you see to focus properly. The 80mm Yashinon lens performs the best at f11 and f16 and this will give you better DOF. If you don't have a lens shade for it, beg, borrow, or steal one. You need it. This lens is prone to flare even at an angle to the sun or else shade the lens from the sun with a newspaper or other device.
I havn't used my Mat 124g for years, but I used to get some great shots with it. I have a telephoto adaptor lens for it and used to take portraits with it. It was great. I'll have to get it out again.

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