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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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We were sitting outside a cafe today drinking some coffee and i was playing with my camera again.
So hereby in want to introduce you all to my family:
First off, my mother

Folowed by my father

Next up is my brother

And last but not least, my sister in law

My nephew was sleeping and i didnt wanted to bother him, so no pic of him this time. But im sure i will take some pics of him soon.
Thank you for looking
Greetz Daan
Very nice shots of your family here. My parents would take my camera away so I wouldn't post pictures of them online! No, I'm just kidding, I don't think they'd take it that far lol.
Really nice series. :thumbup:

Love how you've composed the first shot.
beautiful shots!! i have a 350D too (AND LOVE IT!) and was just wondering if you actually shot on the sepia-tone mode or if it was colour then converted on Photoshop etc....???? really nice tones xx
Gorgeous! And they look like very wonderful people, too. I love the tone as well.
Thank you all for the nice comments :D
And Jemmy, the pics were color and i converted them in PS. Used Wally's black and white convertion action for that.
You can find that one HERE
Just scrol down a bit and you see a second link, thats the one that still works.

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