melbourne by night

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    heres a few of melbourne by night pleace critique welcome




  2. Lovely. Ther upper one is a little soft. Did you hand-hold the shot? Can you try it again with a tripod? It would be a brilliant shot at 100 ISO, with a tight aperture and a slow shutter speed. Also, there are some who feel you could get more tension into the composition if the horizon line is not in the middle of the shot, though I disagree. In this case the image would not be much different if you had more sky or water.

    The lower one's composition doesn't work for me. The bridge is cool, as are the buildings all lit up, but one in front of the other doesn't do anything for either of them. I like the silhouetted people in motion (with the motion blur), I am always a sucker for that.

    Good work, keep shooting.

    I miss Melbourne, I've been there three times, and have a blast each time.

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